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The Commitments at Palace Theatre.

Palace Theatre Seating Plan

The magnificent Palace Theatre has a huge auditorium with a occupancy of 1400 and seating is categorised into four levels. Stall section is nearest to the stage and also most expensive in the theatre. If you are looking for the best viewing seats then simply opt for the front row stall section seats.

There is overhang from the upper tier towards the back of the stalls which can obscure elements of the performance. A central aisle splits Stalls into two sections. At the edge of Row S, H and C, pillars can create obstruction.

Dress Circle is the second tier of the theatre auditorium with some of the finest seats. Enjoy brilliant view of the stage by booking tickets of the front and centre rows of the section. Ticket price vary, as back side seats are quite cheap as compare to the front ones

The third level of seating is the Grand Circle and ticket prices are quite low. If you are looking for some bargain tickets then you may opt for the front row seats of this section. The front row offers good view of the show and complete value for the money.

Balcony is the uppermost tier of Palace Theatre and quite far away from the main action. If you have problem in walking or suffer from vertigo then this section is not recommended. On the other hand, seats are very cheap but most of them have restricted view.