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Palace Theatre London- Recent survey about it risk report

Palace Theatre Building One of the Most “At Risk”

According to a charity which monitors the theatres of the nation recently stated that the building of the Palace Theatre is now of the most “at risk” buildings in the country. Created in 2007-2009, The Theatres Trust Endangered List, The Palace Theatre in Union Street has remained on it. It was also cited as empty and in a poor state of repair.

The trust considers this Grade II listed building as one of the top three of the 31 theatres of the list. A national advisory public body for theatre also fears risk of more damage or even huge destruction. The trust also notes that more than half of the theatres are in north, whereas only Palace Theatre is in South West as building which requires restoration.

According to the Trust notes, there are many theatres on its register which could be restored and reopened and to make "a real contribution to local cultural life and productivity."

The director of the Theatres Trust, Mhora Samuel also stated, “Financial investment in theatres at risk by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and other sources of regeneration funding, has shown that theatres such as Wilton's Music Hall in East London [which recently reopened] and Alexandra Palace [also in London] can come back to life.”

"Imagine how areas around the Winter Gardens in Morecambe, Dudley Hippodrome, Swansea Palace, Brighton Hippodrome and other theatres on our Theatre Buildings at Risk Register 2015 could be re-animated if those theatres were to be fully reopened.” He further added, “Whilst these buildings sit empty and underused all they represent is an untapped opportunity”.

From this year’s register four theatres has been removed as three had been protected, whereas fourth had been sold by the owners to a pub chain. To the Plymouth City Council, the charity applied as well as received listed building consent for refurbishment and repairing. Announcement has also been made that by the summer the building was watertight and no creeping buddlela and pigeons.